123 Days to Go: Flower Girls

I have the two cutest flower girls in.  the.  world.  Seriously.  Lucy is my cousin/friend Callee’s sweet baby.  She just turned 1 and when the wedding rolls around, she’ll almost be 1 1/2.  Grace is my friend Krystal’s sweet baby.  She will turn 1 one week after the wedding.  Lucy is already walking (or running!) and I have a feeling Grace will be too come December.  Because of their ages (this applies to any age, really) I have accepted that one or both girls may not be in the mood to be in a wedding.  I’m totally okay with whatever happens.  I just want them there in completely adorable outfits and a picture or two.  Or five.  Or a million.

I found this image early on of three little girls in tutu-like dresses with a bride in the background.  I LOVED the idea and I felt it went with the laid back feel I wanted, versus them in dresses that matched mine.  There’s nothing wrong with matching dresses… I’ve seen plenty a wedding with a cute mini-bride flower girl tossing flowers down the aisle.  It just didn’t fit with my wedding.

(image 417 Bride

Grace’s awesome momma Krystal mentioned longer tutus, more like a dress.  I thought that would be really nice for winter, maybe provide a little more coverage.  I know plenty of people are making tutus, so I hit up Etsy for ideas.  (Side note: I had no idea that apparently EVERYONE is making these, putting their own spin on it with colors, added ribbon, etc and selling them for next to nothing… or for waaaaay too much!  Maybe I should get in to the tutu making business.)  I searched ‘black tutu’ and this gem popped up:


(image tiarastutus on etsy)

Yes, I noticed this tutu has cat ears and a tail.  No, that isn’t part of my idea.  I love the short pouf!  The all black is something they could wear again (it’s made with an elastic waist band so it can grow with them).  If they wear short little tutus, they’ll definitely need tights…. and I love baby tights.  Specifically polka dot and striped tights.  Enter the magic that is Trumpettes Cheeritights.


(image trumpette)

They are polka dot AND stripes in one!  One leg gets dots, the other stripes.  They have these in several colors, but I’m loving black with white or white with black (naturally).  What does every baby girl in the world need?  Glitter shoes.

These baby glitter shoes?  ADORABLE and AFFORDABLE.  These bad boys are available at Target (but they are cheaper elsewhere online) for $12.99.  Martha Stewart Weddings mags had a project a couple of months back showing how to glitter your own baby shoes.  Tiny black flats and a jar of glitter may be even cheaper than the ready-made version, and it’s another DIY project to add to the list. 

The only thing left for the outfit would be a plain short or long sleeve onesie with a big black bow/headband on their sweet little heads.  Because I’m out-of-my-mind lately, I couldn’t bear the thought of e-mailing this to the girl’s moms without first seeing what it may look like put together.  Yay for visual aids!

Polyvore rocks.  I put the outfit together on the right and realized it doesn’t look like a batch of crazy.  But just in case the tights were too much with glitter shoes and a tutu, I located these Gap baby tights in white with black dots.  I think it makes this a little (emphasis on little) less costume-y.  Unless someone protests what I put together, we may have a winner.  We just have to decide on the tights.



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